Course curriculum

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    Trainer Bin

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    Resistance Band Workouts

    • Arm Strength Workout

    • Full Range Of Motion Warmup

    • The Perfect Warmup (Full Body)

    • Shoulder And Core Workouts

    • Upper Body Injury Prevention Workout

    • Ankle Injury Prevention Workout

    • Range Of Motion Lower Body Workout

    • Resistance Agility Workout

  • 3

    Speed Ladder Workouts

    • Level #1: Ladder Workout

    • Level #2: Ladder Workout

  • 4

    Baseball Workouts

    • No Glove Infield Drills

    • Hand Grip Workout

    • Glove Infield Drills

    • Hitting For Consistency

    • Hitting For Power

    • Hitting Mechanics

    • Stealing More Bases Vol 1

    • Hitting Video Analysis Blueprint

    • Core Strength Workout

    • Infielder Intelligence

  • 5

    Soccer Workouts

    • Quickness Workout

    • Shoulder And Core Workout

    • Abs Vol. 2 With Partner

    • Speed Training

    • Ab Workout Vol.1

  • 6

    Basketball Workouts

    • Guard Quickness Workout

    • Intermediate 1 Ball Dribbling Workout

    • Pushup Warmup

    • Scoring Cure Vol. 1

  • 7

    Football Workouts

    • Speed Training Workout Vol 1

    • Wide Receiver Quickness Drills

    • Wide Receiver Stationary Catching

Trainer Bin (40+ Programs)

Trainer Bin is like Netflix but for Sports Training! Instead of movies and TV shows it is Sport Specific Training for all the biggest sports for now such as Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Etc. We see that parents are wondering how to give their child the edge in sports because there are limited coaches on their team and they have to help everyone, not just one person so we want to help coach or find the right coaches to help your child progress in there sport!
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Skill/Sport Specific Workouts

Trainer Bin is for the athlete that is wanting to improve in their specific sport and become a better over all athlete!

  • Physical Equipment Workouts: 8 Resistance Band Programs, 2 Speed Ladder Programs, Stopwatch Secrets

  • Sport Specific Workouts: 19 Baseball Programs, 5 Soccer Programs, 7 Football Programs, 6 Basketball Programs, Volleyball Program.

  • Bonuses: Women's and Partner Programs, Stretching Programs, Stopwatch Secrets, 7 Day Accelerator And More!

Three Bonuses That Are Included In Trainer Bin

  • Stopwatch Secrets

    Stopwatch Secrets is broken up in to two portions. How to Motivate your child through "gamifying" the workouts and then the testing portion. Using the little old stop-watch is a great way for a young Athlete to actually see themselves getting better. Knowing exactly what to test, and making it fun for them is 100% of the battle!

  • 7 Day Speed Accelerator

    Once you have your Baseline tests with your kids, you simply right down their scores. Now it's time to work! We outline 3 separate training sessions (Workout 1, 2, and 3). Each workout is crafted with over 11 years of Speed And Agility experience to target the muscles that will give an Athlete the most BANG for their time! Again, we're risking our name and MONEY over making sure your Children get faster!

  • Truth About Stretching

    The Truth About Stretching covers the benefits and negatives of the four types of stretching (Static, Dynamic, Ballistic, and (PNF) Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation). The biggest thing to know is the time for each type of stretch.

See What Trainer Bin Members Are Saying...

Parent Of A Trainer Bin Member

by Jacob

"I wanted to write TTS a quick note! Thanks so much for putting together what the training world has needed for a while. Great equipment with actual workouts I can implement with my kids that work. Too many companies just push equipment at you and leave it up to you to figure it out. When in reality the equipment just ends up sitting in the garage when your kids lose interest. TTS Labs is however different. My kids love to be able to add new exercises each Month that help them in a different area of their body. I really see these Workouts having a big impact on their motivation to strive to be their best! You guys should do this with EVERY piece of training equipment."

Trainer Bin Member

By Andrew

“I love Trainer Bin...The worst part about buying workout equipment is not knowing how to use it, or how to keep things fresh. Trainer Bin does just that! So if you have resistance bands, or you’re like me and have bands, ladders, hurdles, jump rope, stopwatch etc...then Trainer Bin is a MUST!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will More Workouts Be Added?

    Yes, we are creating more sport/skill specific workouts all the time. You will have access to any workouts that we add to Trainer Bin.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel anytime! All that you have to do is email us at

  • If I have other TTS programs when would I do these workouts?

    Depending on the programs that you have will be when you do the Trainer Bin programs. However, we recommend doing the Dynamic Warmup, FOF Warmup then 1-2 Trainer Bin workouts on the off days of the program that you are doing.