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    7 Day Speed Challenge

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Full Breakdown Of The 7 Day Challenge...


    The first phase of the 7 Day Speed Training Challenge is the testing phase. We start by doing a deep dive into the 6 tests that actually matter for Athletes. We explain why we choose these tests, what order to do them in, and exactly how to perform, track, and measure each and every test! We have been using these 6 tests over the last 11 years on hundreds of thousands of Athletes. Once you get the baseline test scores, we show you step by step how to improve each test. We don't stop there...we actually explain how improving each test will effect the outcome of your results! Pretty cool right? We have it down to a Science...if this happens, then your times will do this next week...and we hold NOTHING back in this deep dive testing video. Once you have all your scores, we leave you with the Exact Sets, Reps, and Exercises to do over the next 7 days to watch ALL of your tests sky-rocket! (With Form Running, Workout A, B and Workout C explained in the next step).


    The most efficient way to make sure you or your Child gets faster, is to make 100% sure that proper form is being used. We break down exactly what your Children should be working on and they can start instantly. With our Video Breakdown, as well as 26 Page easy to read PDF, no question will be left unanswered when it comes to Proper Running Form. So to recap, first you will get the test results of all 6 drills... Then we will work on Correcting Form, followed by 3 Workouts that need to be done in the exact order! I will further break these down in step 3.


    Once you have your Baseline tests with your kids, you simply right down their scores. Now it's time to work! We outline 3 separate training sessions (Workout 1, 2, and 3). Each workout is crafted with over 11 years of Speed And Agility experience to target the muscles that will give an Athlete the most BANG for their time! Again, we're risking our name and MONEY over making sure you, your Athletes, or your Children get faster! NO ONE ELSE in the Speed Training World would do this! They have not been around as long as us, and chances are, they grew up watching our Youtube videos back in 2009.

Bonus #1 The Truth About Motivation ($97 Value)

Part 1 of our 2 part series is the 4 Pillars to Raising All-Star. We break down exactly what you can do with your Kids to motivate them to be the best they can be! Using these pillars you will have a solid foundation to look back at to get the most out of your kids. Often times, there are just a few small tweaks you can make kids more motivated than ever! Part 2, we break down exactly what you can do with your kids (day by day) to start to see them become motivated. There's nothing worse than a kid wasting away their time playing video games. This portion of the "Truth About Motivation" is dedicated to simply steps you can follow on a daily basis to get them competing as an "Athlete" rather than a video gamer!

Bonus #2 Form Running Blueprint ($97 Value)

We break down exactly what your kids can do tonight to Correct their Running Form. Once you see how simple these rules are to follow, you or your kids will never look or feel awkward running again! We break our Form Running down in a Video format which includes a PDF explanation. You will have lifetime access to this training. The difference of having good form alone can shave 3-4-6 tenths off of Sprint Times...or make you/your kids instantly become the Fastest Kid on their team! Remember, the most ELITE Athletes all look effortless when they move...these are the exact drills (in order) ALL Athlete need to build their Athletic foundation!

Bonus #3 30 Day Flexibility Cure ($77 Value)

Do you know if your Child is stretching properly, if at all? This is a workout they can use on a daily basis that will increase their flexibility as well as help prevent injuries. Adults can also use this to alleviate lower back pain/tightness We've all been there, but here at Twice The Speed we have developed a full system dedicated to making you more flexible than you knew you could ever be!

See What 7 Day Speed Challenge Members Have To Say...

7 Day Speed Challenge Member

Hey mate. Just finished the 7 day accelerator with my wife and 2 boys. My boys are 7 & 9 years old, my wife and I are 40. We all added over 5cm (2 Inches) to our vertical jump, 10cm to our broad jump, and we all reduced our times in the 10 meter, 20m, 40m, & 60m sprints (both my sons and I reduced our 40m sprint by over half a second). It’s an awesome program that obviously works. We are about to start the 30 day speed training workout. Thanks

7 Day Speed Challenge Member

Thanks for the help my son has gotten his 40 and 60 times down and being a lefty he has gotten some offer from different colleges and universities to play. Now we just have to pick the one that has sports medicine. Thanks again this program works.