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The Twice The Speed System (30 Day Workout)

Every exercise will have a detailed written and video breakdown. PDF Breakdowns of Every Exercise​- Quickly pull out your phone at the gym for any details you forget from the videos. 30 Day Speed Training Prescription... Sets, reps, when to rest, which Exercises to use, when to use each exercise, and when you can expect to see your gains.
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4th Gear Workouts

Valued At $97

The TTS 4th Gear Workout (Novice): For the athlete who is just starting out and needs to get a foundation for more advanced speed training. This workout is low intensity and can be done without a weight room or serious equipment. You will be told the exact Sets and Reps For 30 Days Only Using Bodyweight

5th Gear Workouts

Valued At $97

Use this area to describe theThe TTS 5th Gear Workout (Advanced): For the more advanced athlete who has already built their foundation and is looking to break through their current speed plateau's. This workout is higher intensity and for a SERIOUS athlete is looking to shatter sprint records. image or provide supporting information.

TTS Burst Warmup

Valued At $67

TTS Burst warm-up stretching routine- A high intensity warm-up that wakes you up rather than stretches you out. Your child will actually enjoy stretching when they can actually feel their 600+ muscles in their body waking up. This warmup is perfect to add before workouts, practices or big games!

TTS Nutrition Log

Valued At $67

In order to run faster and be more athletic NUTRITION is IMPORTANT - For the best results you need to understand what to put into your body for the best results. Meal timing is essential to muscle growth and could be the make or break to a D1 scholarship. You can be on the best sprint workout ever but if you aren’t eating at “these” specific times throughout the day, you might as well not even workout. With our afterburner nutrition log we will walk you through exactly what/when you need to do to blast through plateaus and shed tenths off the stop watch. This Nutrition will also save you money at the Grocery store and is not expensive!

First Step Quickness Workout

Valued At $67

Your Child is 1 of 2. He either starts out Fast and dies down, or he starts out slow and picks it up. This workout is a quick crash workout (30 days) that will help your child with their first step sprinting and get them in full gear right out of the blocks. There's no better advantage in sports than being at Top Speed immediately.

Top Flight System

Valued At $67

This workout is similar to Bonus #5 (The first step workout) in that it's a crash course. Only difference is this will help your child with their acceleration. Some athletes may notice they have a fast start but lack the acceleration they need to be an elite sprinter. Our unique acceleration approach will immediately drop tenths off your times and get you to turn on the jets in not time!**

Own Your Calves Workout

Valued At $67

Quit doing your typical calf raises and expect to get explosive results!! Calf raises could not be more of an old school exercise. Calves are with 13% of your power output so why would you train them to be slow? With our Explosive Calf Workout literally learn how to turn your Achilles tendon into a a rubber band**, all while getting those bulging calves that you’ve never had
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30 Day Speed Training Workout

If for any reason you don't like the program within the first 60 days of your purchase then you get your money back with no questions asked. No hassles. All You have to do is send an e-mail to customer support and you'll receive an instant refund.

  • 30 Days of Speed And Agility Training!

  • Step by Step Video Exercises with PDF's Explaining Each Exercise in Depth

  • Exclusive Private Access to Coach Cascio via The Private Facebook Group!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Results Can I Expect From Using The Twice The Speed Training System?

    You can expect to make gains within just a few workouts. Results will vary from using the program based on how much effort each athlete puts in and how strictly they follow the workout program. Athletes can expect to decrease their 40 and 60 yard times by 2-3 tenths within the first Month.

  • Do You Explain The Exercises or Just Show Them?

    Yes, Coach Cascio explains each exercise after he demonstrates the exercise. He does a voice-over video telling you the most important training tips to focus on in each exercise.

  • Do you have PDF's?

    Yes, we have each exercise explained in a PDF. That means when you are the gym you can quickly pull up the PDF without having to watch any videos to double check your exercises.

  • How Do I Receive This Program?

    This program is 100% online and you will receive access to it immediately upon purchasing. There is nothing shipped. You will get access to a private members area.

  • What Happens If It Doesn't Work?

    It's unlikely that you won't see any improvement in your vertical jump. However, crazy things do happen. In the event that you don't get the results you are looking for in the program then we will fully refund your money with no questions asked.